🌏✨ Embark on a Design Adventure in Vietnam! 🏛️🌿

Join our “Vietnamese Architectural Odyssey,” a 10-day exploration blending design, sustainability, and culture. 🇻🇳✈️

🌅 Day 1-3: Hanoi Highlights
Immerse yourself in Hanoi’s rich tapestry. Visit iconic spots like the Hanoi Museum and Sentia School. Dive deep into discussions on eco resorts and sustainable construction at the picturesque Flamingo Dai Lai.

🚀 Day 4-5: From Bat Trang to Hoi An
Explore the Bat Trang Library’s literary wonders before jetting off to Da Nang. Uncover the versatility of bamboo and the charm of green facades at Naman Retreat and Hội An.

🏞️ Day 6-7: Bana Hills Bliss
Ascend to Bana Hills, marvel at the Golden Bridge, and join discussions on creating microclimates and minimalist wonders at unique spaces like 43 Factory Coffee Roaster and Terra Cotta Studio.

🌆 Day 8: Mekong Magic in Ho Chi Minh City
Touch down in Ho Chi Minh City for a magical Mekong River Delta tour, exploring the city’s heritage gems and modern architectural marvels.

🎋 Day 9: Bamboo Fusion in the City
Discover the flexibility and strength of bamboo and witness the fusion of traditional and modern styles in Diamond Island and studio visits to Vo Trong Nghia Architects/MIA Design Studio.

🏡 Day 10: Homeward Reflections
As the journey concludes, carry the wealth of experiences and architectural insights back to your hometown.

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Unearth the intersection of design, sustainability, and culture in the heart of Vietnam. Your architectural odyssey awaits! 🌐🏰

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